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November Screening Log

Best of the new shows: Revenge01 J EDGAR which is still under embargo though everybody seems to be talking about it openly which makes me wonder what good embargoes are? So odd. I'll have an interview up soon.

I also spent this day deleting shows from my DVR that I will keep watching if they stay on there even though they're not worth my time* So Goodbye: Terra Nova, Once Upon a Time, American Horror Story, The Walking Dead. On the bubble: Prime Suspect (loved it at first because Bello is A grade but it's really just a procedural so...)  Shanté You Stay: Revenge (♥), Ringer (guilty pleasure), New Girl (hilarious though I get why it would give some people hives) and various regulars that haven't worn out their welcome yet.

02 THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN which is also under embargo despite already being open in the UK and being reviewed in a bajillion places. (Embargoes be so weird!)  I spent the whole movie wishing I could actually look at a 2D Jamie Bell instead of a mocapped 3D version of him which tells you more about my own preferences than about the movie itself. 
03 LIKE CRAZY. I am officially the last Oscar pundit to see this movie. I liked it so much more than I was expecting to given everything I've heard about it (but still less than I was hoping given the Sundance hype). Everyone fell in love with Felicity Jones when this premiered but for me, I fell back in (mild) love with Anton Yelchin who I'd totally lost interest in. And was reminded that Jennifer Lawrence is a babe and a half. Zowie.
04-06 Finished emptying out the DVR. Have I ever told you how much I love NURSE JACKIE? I really do.
07-08 SUPERCLASICO Denmark's Oscar Submission was the only movie I watched but doing lots of movie-ish lunches for Oscar campaigns. So fun. Paprika Steen is always so worth watching.
09 NO STRINGS ATTACHED. Liked it much more than I was expecting to, actually. Must have had the same casting director as "The New Girl" since 'ironic girl' and the male lead from New Girl were both there.
10 PARKS & RECREATION.I think Ben and Leslie are maybe the best couple on television. And some more NURSE JACKIE which is just so smart and distinctive.
11 PUSS IN BOOTS tonight. Is it weird that I'm super excited for it? 

PROJECT NIM, THE ARBOR, BRIDESMAIDS --- All half-assed rewatches while I worked. Then HANNA (wow that took me a lont time to get around to) and the Norwegian Oscar submission HAPPY HAPPY
14-22 Mostly I've been doing second viewings of screeners... but the highlights of this week were four: meeting THE MUPPETS again at long last, a Moma event honoring JOHN WATERS, a screening of YOUNG ADULT with the cast and an all guild screening of HUGO with the filmmakers.
23 Was meant to see THE IRON LADY on this day but they significantly overbooked the screening. Boo
24 The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and then later "A Very Gaga Christmas" which was... unfortunate.
25 DRIVE for the third time with three friends who had never seen it. Still love. It's weird though as each time I feel more outside of it looking in but I find it fascinating still.  
26 THE HELP again. Goddamn but Viola Davis is superb in that movie. she is kind she is smart she is important...totally elevates the whole thing. 

* NOT WORTH THE TIME for television indicates series that suck up precious eyeball time that you could be devoting to movies you haven't seen. If you find yourself watching TV shows regularly that you don't really enjoy but it's just habit (I believe this is an epidemic in the world) PLEASE delete them from your DVRs and watch classic movies instead. For every two weeks of a habit-forming TV drama you can see a classic movie you've never seen before! It will instantly make you both a more cultured person and a happier one. 


October Screening Log

1 "Terranova" (the pilot)... boy. Battlestar Galactica really wrecked the sci-fi genre didn't it? Everything else just seems, well, dumb in comparison.
2 Birthday Party for my bestie. No movies although a game was played in which you had those stickies on your forehead (like in Inglourious Basterds) and I was The Creature from the Black Lagoon
3 THE IDES OF MARCH. Then caught up on DVR goodies... I have mixed feelings about both "Pan Am" and "The Playboy Club" They're both obviously inspired by Mad Men but the lack of originality is not really the problem because the concepts and milieus are pretty solid. It's more the lack of period nuance and some of the casting (on each show). 

4 Okay so tonight's "Glee" was like the best episode in forever. It felt just like the lower key first half of season one, with humor, drama, dreams and good songs intermingling peacefully.
5 MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE believe the hype. Also watched that new show "American Horror Story" which was... odd. I'm glad Connie Britton's getting work but it was all over the place... as in several continents all over the place. 
6 SHAME and PINA hmmm. the hype may be a problem. but strong films nonetheless.
7-8 I attended a private party for Shame at the top of the Standard. Glitzy! I also finally caught up with WINWIN.
10 HUGO (i wrote a quick note) and the latest episode of "Pan Am" (i'm absolutely in love with the actress who plays Colette)
11 THE SKIN I LIVE IN - Pedro was adorable in the press conference that followed. The film is *much* different than I was expecting. 
12-13 no movies. rough days for various reasons. I decide halfway through the second episode of American Horror Story that it definitely wasn't for me. I just don't care. at all. about the story of any of the characters and it's so messy. removed from DVR.

THE ARTIST and THE DESCENDANTS my last two screenings of this year's NYFF 
15 A BETTER LIFE with Demian Bichir. Has anyone seen that? I thought it clumsy in its underlining of all of its points and even worse in telegraphing all of its plot points (a shot of the lead character dropping the keys to the truck he just bought to change his life. [GROANNNN]. But Bichir is really affecting in that final scene. Tears! Also was in a light comedy mood last night so put in YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN. "PUTTINONDAAAAAARIIIIIITTTTTZ"  

P.S. The best parts were all actressy. Terri Garr (♥) Cloris Leachman (♥) the late great Kahn (♥♥♥) Moment I laughed the hardest: Madeline Kahn's ♫oh sweet mystery of life i've finally found uuuuuu♪

16-18I think mostly Showtime shows (switched from HBO after watching pilot of "Enlightened" which I liked but not enough to justify keeping expensive HBO for a whole new year while waiting for True Blood) so catching up on Nurse Jackie and Dexter
21-31 -- the longest i have gone without keeping this up. Oops. But i did kind of play hookey from the movies after the NYFF.  



September Screening Log

01-04 Spent the weekend finishing up DEXTER Season Five on DVD. Very strong season overall. I keep thinking this show should wrap up given how repetitive it HAS TO BE given its concept. But I will say this for the team: they're definitely finding many backroads to journey on to prevent it from being as monotonous as the concept suggests it could be. Dexter's characterization in general is really a strong longform arc... what television is essentially made for.
05-06 True Blood penultimate Season 4 episode "Soul of Fire" and Martin Scorsese's PUBLIC SPEAKING, a documentary on the super quotable writer who doesn't write Fran Leibowitz. Totally worth watching. Ended the night with the Norwegian faux documentary TROLL HUNTER which was fun but my god my Norwegian is rusty. I had to read subtitles the whole time. [sniffle]

07 Melancholia ... still mulling it over. But von Trier "gets" actress personae in a way too few filmmakers do; he uses Dunst's Dunstness superbly. And, yes, she's wonderful in it, too.
08-23 September has been weirdly anti-movie... I think because I vacationed and also got sick and also it's just a transition period from summer season to fall.  In this time frame I did see The Loneliest Planet (very good) and Dangerous Method (disappointing but interesting) and I saw Weekend again before interviewing the  director
24 MONEYBALL which really surprised me [REVIEW] but then i've always been kind of a sucker for Brad Pitt. He's not underrated as a celebrity of course but as a film star, way underappreciated. So many fine characters created over the years. Also Close Encounters of the Third Kind for some reason. 
25-28 Lots of TV. Weird that Glee swung so far back to Broadway music this year, huh? It's all Broadway all the time. Which is fine by me but I'm assuming that many of its mainstream fans are missing its top ten radio feeling. Feeling weirdly disconnected to the world this week. Also took in CARNAGE (review) and ABDUCTION (review) and A SEPARATION from Iran which is both an Oscar submission and a big ol' "wow". 
29-30 MISS BALA,  50/50 (reviewed at Towleroad)

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