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Marriage Story Review

"They're saying this is for Adam Driver what Kramer vs Kramer was for Dustin Hoffman. More about him than about her.  Scarlett, to me, is the open question. By now it's Driver vs Phoenix for best actor." - Melchiades - Andrew

"Mini-shutout to Alda, whom I loved and thought did absolute wonders in his what, 3 or 4 scenes. Great review!" -Alex

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Nathaniel's own ballot
Readers Rank (Your Polling Votes):
Your gold medalist among the Oscar nominees is CATE BLANCHETT with an astounding 66% of readership votes. The distant silver medalist is AMY ADAMS with 12% an SANDRA BULLOCK (8%) just barely beating MERYL STREEP (7%) to the bronze. DAME JUDI DENCH took 3% of votes


This is officially your most mature Best Actress Lineup of all time. I offer up details at Vanity Fair 
It's also the most nominated with a gargantuan 7.6 nominations for the amalgated woman here

Amy Adams
39 yrs old
5th nomination

wins: globe (comedy),
other noms: bfca comedy 

Cate Blanchett
44 yrs old  
6 noms | 2 wins

wins: globe (drama),BFCA, SAG, LA, NYBoston, NSFC + many critics
noms: Gotham, Spirit

Sandra Bullock
49 yrs old
2nd nomination | 1 win

wins: some critics
other: BFCA, globe , SAG

Judi Dench
79 yrs old 
7th nomination | 1 win

other noms:BFCA,  globe, SAG

Meryl Streep
64 yrs old
18th nomination | 3 wins

previous noms: BFCA, globe, SAG

Adams wins her first lead nomination for her desperate conwoman. She's gotta get over on all those guys. She's gotta get over.

More on Amy

Jasmine French, a former socialite having a psychotic break, is Cate's best work. Oscar also thought so. 

Review & Tribute
More on Cate

Sandra's sad hearted Dr Stone star turn was lauded for its physical commitment (imagine making it!). Plus the film was a massive hit.

More on Sandra

Dench's performance as the title character, a woman in search of the now 50 year old son she lost to adoption, is baity,  funny and moving

More on Dench

Violet Weston is a mammoth role and 37 years into her movie reign Streep can still do no wrong with Oscar. 

Review & 18th Nom
More on Streep

How'd They Get Nominated?
51% Timing. Hustle = right size hit, right time, Best Picture hopeful
14% Performance
13% She's Adams, Default Contender
10% Plunging necklines
7% Prize Pack: Cooper, Bale & Lawrence
3% Role -new angles for Amy to play
2% She hasn't won yet?
64% Performance. (When an actor that respected does their best work...)
14% Role - she's mental!
7% She's Blanchett, Default Contender
6% Woody Allen films = acting nods
4% "New York,... Park Avenue"
3% Sally Hawkins
2% The joy of her acceptance speeches
29% Gravity = Best Pic?
23% Mega stardom. She's Bullock
22% That Blind Side Oscar. See? We weren't wrong about her!
21% Performance. Physical commitment and you gotta have tears...
4% ...floating tear? EVEN BETTER!
1% Role
27% Performance. Moving, never maudlin
24% Role. Philomena is an interesting old lady
22% She's Dench, Default Contender
18% Underserved demographic very well served = love
6% Retirement.
2% Still mourning for the loss of "M"
1% Best Picture play
33% She's Streep, Default Contender
30% Role. Violet's throat & dialogue are on fire
21% Performance
11% Category Fraud & precursor laziness Re: Julia
4% Shady release schedule preventing people from truly thinking about it
1% Subliminal memories of Silkwood. That hair! Oklahoma!
Which Clip Did Oscar Show?
"You're nothing to me until you're everything" "Who do i have to sleep with to get a martini?"  "You gotta be kidding me!" beats on the panels at the camera pans out silently  The finale. Forgiveness?
"That's hard. But I don't want to hate people" 
Violet threatens everyone - she'll always show them who's strongest!

Who Got Snubbed?

In the Dread Sixth Spot-- That'd be the shoe-averse Emma Thompson for Saving Mr Banks who appeared in all the key precursors and who was an absolute delight in the pre-season. Shame that we won't get more of her. And she acts infrequently, too. (sniffle) 

Nathaniel's Ballot - See it Here